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Our Services
Discovering new opportunities in the GCC industries sector.
Creating opportunities for handling by bringing together companies that complement each other.
Technical assistance for small and medium enterprises to achieve cost savings and high profitability.
Helping SMEs to achieve high productivity, reduce waste, and prevent pollution.


The product
The team will conduct an analytical study of the product in both market and design requirements.


Marketing Research
The office also undertakes the economic feasibility study of industrial production, where both the cost and market size are evaluated, in addition to the calculation of the plant's energy and the profitability of the industrial project. As well as study the variables in the specifications of the product and then establish rules to standardize these specifications and simplify them.


Product design and development
Among the services we do is design the product and study its reliability, cost and production capacity. In addition to selecting materials and humanitarian factors and studying the variables of specifications and the development of standards and characterization.

Website design work
The team can also provide an analytical study to determine the optimal location of the plant or work or place of service as an initial stage and then design methods and methods of production and supporting services (such as production planning, analysis of production lines and assembly, To determine the requirements of the building and its services and its benefits to the production processes, humanitarian factors and safety requirements, and to determine the maintenance requirements of the equipment, tools and sites).

Production processes

Our services also design the most basic production processes to carry out the production process and include
Studying the production or purchase decision for part or parts of the product.
Study production processes and choose the appropriate production process.
Study and analysis of work and crisis standard.
Planning production processes and logical sequence and the development of sequence of processes

And plot the movement of production and assembly.
Study of the means of testing and quality control and the development of methods of control schemes and sampling.
Determining quantities of raw material and labor using experimental, analytical and simulation methods.
Selection of equipment, tools and handling equipment and systems.


The team can help facilitate production methods in the following ways
Planning to find production rates through medium-term planning methods.
Setting production schedules.
Control of stocks of raw materials and finished products.
Determining methods of control over production and employment performance.
Determining methods of control over product quality.